Start Your Pole Journey…

You can start our beginner classes from the age of 13 provided you are in year 9. There is no upper age limit – you can rock pole no matter what years you have on the clock!

Learn the basics of pole dance and pole fitness. Starting with simple spins and climbs, leading up to safely inverting, you will learn the building blocks of this amazing discipline. Over the 8 weeks we will take you through the basics culminating in a finished routine to comprehensively showcase your new skills.

Everyone starts at the same point and then usually has a very unique pole journey from there on out. You will feel like everyone else has and does when they enter a pole class: a little nervous, unsure and petrified that you will be strutting round a pole in a bikini before you are comfortable with that. The truth is that you start pole in leggings and a baggy t shirt if that is what you feel comfortable in. You develop strength and confidence by performing spins and combinations and you never make a conscious effort to bare more skin you just fall into it as the moves you do need more skin grip. It is only when you are ready do you progress to shorts and perhaps even a short top and even then you don’t have to.

Pole is so much more than fitness – it is a community and a supportive one at that. We will guide you through the moves and help you challenge your own boundaries and inhibitions so you leave each session buzzing. Be a more confident and capable version of yourself – give beginners pole a go!

What Do You Need For Your First Session?

    • Comfy leggings and a comfy top
    • A bottle of water
    • A hand towel
    • Money for payment