Join our Aerial sessions

You can start our beginner classes from the age of 13 provided you are in year 9. There is no upper age limit – you can rock aerial no matter what years you have on the clock!

Beginners Aerial

Where every aerliast starts. You will learn the foundation moves for each piece of equipment so that you can develop your skills in each area. This class is suitable for anyone and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your first sessions! The silks and hoop offer such a diverse range of challenges that you will never be bored!

Mixed Aerial Sessions

These classes are for improvers and allow the students to focus on areas where they wish to improve. Some students channel their energies into one piece of equipment so that they can compete while others like to test themselves continually in each discipline. The instructors will push you in this class to get the best out of you and will help you put moves together to create fluid routines. The transitions and fluidity are a focus at this stage so that you can create elegant combinations.



What do you need?

  • Leggings (particularly for silks to prevent burns) and a comfortable top – for holds a vest top will be needed as you progress
  • A bottle of water and an energy drink if you have a rapid metabolism
  • A hand towel